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15 Integrating Drought Management with Jim Faulstich

Episode Summary

Our guest, Jim Faulstich, producer from Highmore, SD, needs very little introduction.  Jim takes us on a deep dive into how he integrates drought management planning in every aspect of his operation.  Apart from 2019, Jim’s operation has always experienced a dry patch some time during the year and he is always prepared for that.  While Jim always has a drought plan in place,  his strategy to increase his land’s resilience to drought hinges around diversity which he discusses at length in the podcast. At the time of this podcast’s release (March 2021), it looks like this growing season will be a dry one.  Now is the best time to begin to think about drought planning to begin the process of building resilience on your operation– visit  for more information on drought planning. Remember the R’s for Rangeland Resilience: Rotate, Rest, Recover