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17 Growing Resilience Talks to Range Evangelist, James Halverson

Episode Summary

The Stockgrowers is a wonderful organization trying to do some great things, trying to help ranchers and help our independent cattle producers of this country and trying to save our rural towns, which are in decline. And so we need to help these things economically and ecologically. And I think those things can all work together in the future to help save the ranching industry and save our way of life. “ In this episode we talk to rangeland evangelist, James Halverson, executive director of SD Stockgrowers association. James, originally from eastern South Dakota, fell in love with the ranching lifestyle and rangeland when he was teaching ag education in Belle Fourche, SD. James’s opening statement (in quotes above) encapsulates so much of what James believes; namely helping independent producers, human communities, and improving ecological communities with livestock. James sees that by improving rangeland and soil health the health the financial well-being of the prosperity of the producer will follow. James can be contacted at the SD Stockgrowers Association at