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35 State Grazing Lands Specialist Reveals Top Tips for Driving Soil Health

Episode Summary

In this second of two podcasts with Tanse Herrmann, State Grazinglands Soil Health Specialist in South Dakota, we discuss a number of topics including: How can rangeland managers think about soil health principles as applied to rangeland and not just cropland? What makes adaptive grazing managers so successful, what is their secret? What goes on in the soil-plant-animal ecosystem and how can we use rangeland plants as carbon pumps to get more organic matter in the soil and increase soil health? Where to start on the rotational grazing journey? Tanse ends the podcast with some advice you can’t afford to miss, so stick with it. Tanse can be reached at the NRCS Service Center in Rapid City, SD, the Service Center guide will help you to get to his information: Remember Tanse’s words – “WE WANT TO MEET PEOPLE WHERE THEY ARE” so “DON’T BE TOO PROUD TO ASK”, calling up your NRCS Service Center and Speaking to a Grazingland Specialist costs nothing. What do you have to lose? Watch for an announcement from SD Grassland Coalition for the 2022 Grazing School Watch for Soil health Workshops and Conferences at: Watch also for Ranching for Profit Schools: Also please visit the SD NRCS Range and Pasture website for more information at: