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36 A Rural Videographer's Eye-Opening Journey Promoting Soil Health

Episode Summary

In the last seven years, the name of Joe Dickie has become more and more synonymous with high quality video that highlights outstanding farmers and ranchers in South Dakota. Many in the South Dakota agricultural community know and trust Joe, but he is a busy man and doesn’t always get to share his whole story. Since Joe works with us at the Soil Health Labs on the SD Growing Resilience Project, we thought it would be worthwhile discussing how Joe got into videography and ended up working on so many South Dakota projects. This is not in the podcast, but did you know that at one time Joe was a DJ before he started down the visual creativity path? Joe brings with him a wonderful sense of humor and stories of some of his travels in South Dakota and elsewhere. In this episode, which takes an unexpected turn, Joe shares about his life, and a very recent tragedy in the family, and how that tragedy has renewed his sense of purpose in spreading the good news about soil health to farmers and ranchers not only in South Dakota, but other parts of the world. Visit Joe's website at: Joe has also created the Our Amazing Grasslands Series with the SD Grassland coalition and Soil Stories with the SD Soil Health Coalition. All these videos can be found on the SD NRCS YouTube site. Joe has also worked on the SD NOLO (Non-Operating Landowner) project and has produced many videos for this project as well as the NOLO/Tenant partnership stories. These can be found at: Also please visit the SD NRCS Range and Pasture website for more information at: