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39 How Rangeland Health and Livestock Work to Solve Environmental Issues

Episode Summary

We’re excited to introduce our good friend, Shannon Kulseth-Iverson. Shannon is a native of North Dakota and ranches with her husband, Eric Iverson and her three teenage children out of White River, SD. We caught up with Shannon (yes, she is always on the move) and talked about ranching, native range restoration, and her work as a consulting biologist. Shannon is passionate about rangeland and the environment, and because of her diverse background, she has a really important message. Shannon runs a consulting company called Native Range Resources, LLC where she consults on environmental compliance, agricultural monitoring, stormwater compliance, and integrated pest management; she also started a new company called Westslope Corporation that focuses on native prairie restoration projects. If that’s not enough, Shannon also has a podcast called “The Business of Barrel Racing” which is available on Apple, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts, Audible, Stitcher and Gaana. Check out here podcast site at or find the podcast on your favorite podcast app.